chrysler-diesel-issueAnother Shoe has dropped: OEMs other than VW About to be Caught UP in Diesel Emission Scandal; Now Its FCA Challenging EPA Engine Calibrations & Process

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FCA accused of using defeat­ing SW in 104,000 Dodge pick­ups & Jeeps

Allowed diesels to exceed legal lim­its on tox­ic emis­sions of NOx gas­es.
EPA says engines used undis­closed SW that alters char­ac­ter­is­tics of emis­sions con­trols to exceed NOx lim­its.

FCA called dis­pute a “dif­fer­ence of opin­ion” over whether engine’s “cal­i­bra­tions met the reg­u­la­tions”.

FCA insists it “may be tech­ni­cal­ly defi­cient but not immoral”.


FCA’s shares plum­met­ed by 16%, though recov­ered slight­ly.

Fail­ure to dis­close this type of soft­ware also breaks the rules.

Any wrong­do­ing is strong­ly denied by the com­pa­ny.

Germany’s trans­port min­is­ter insist­ed an “ille­gal shut-off device” used.

Many diesels emit far more nox­ious gas­es than under test con­di­tions.

Fine of $4 B would not “break its neck in the cur­rent envi­ron­ment

Amer­i­can reg­u­la­tors inves­ti­gate Fiat Chrysler for emis­sions cheat­ing.
[As Sourced from the Econ­o­mist]



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