SIX in SIXTY — 6 Most Significant Developments from Last Week that You Will Want-To-Know in 60 Seconds

SIX IN SIXTY SECONDS — First Week of Feb­ru­ary 2017

Six Most Sig­nif­i­cant News Devel­op­ments You Will Want-to-Know in 60 Sec­onds

1) Are You Super Bowl Savvy? Five Busi­ness Lessons Learned from the NFL

You prob­a­bly watched the Super Bowl. The NFL’s suc­cess is cap­tured as a busi­ness mod­el in this short, but loaded arti­cle from the Sun­day LAT.

2) Your Next Must Hire: What To Con­sid­er When Hir­ing Data Sci­ence Tal­ent

The abil­i­ty and capa­bil­i­ty of your deal­er­ship or auto­mo­tive com­pa­ny now depend and how you deal with the data sci­ence tal­ent crunch. And it isn’t just about com­pet­ing for tal­ent. Infor­ma­tion­Week arti­cle says that it also requires the right data sci­ence strat­e­gy to help the ana­lyt­ics team be effec­tive and effi­cient.

3)Grasp­ing to Win Back Share: FCA Move Shocks with Anoth­er 40 Deal­er­ships

Many indus­try ana­lysts and FCA Deal­ers won­der as sales decline, new deal­er­ships are near­by to exist­ing fran­chise stores, and Feds are look­ing into diesel soft­ware accu­sa­tion of anoth­er “Defeat Device” for emis­sions test­ing. See Auto­mo­tive News arti­cle on your boss’s cre­den­za or sub­scribe.

4) Either Bluff or Fold: AI Pok­er Pro­gram Wins $1.7M Chips vs. Top Play­ers

Carnegie Mellon’s Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence Pro­gram. Libra­tus, beats its devel­op­er and 3 top play­ers at 3 kinds of pok­er in a 20-day tour­na­ment. This goes with IBM’s Wat­son for­mer­ly beat­ing humans at Jeop­ardy, Chess, Poké­mon, and Go com­pe­ti­tion. Only human strat­e­gy that seemed to out­smart the com­put­er pro­gram was to bluff.

5) Foul Air Rais­es Stink in Utah: Smog Dam­ages State Air Q, Image, & Pol­i­tics

Win­ter time and Utah just got des­ig­nat­ed as hav­ing the worst air qual­i­ty in the nation. A tem­per­a­ture inver­sion trapped by atmos­pher­ic pres­sure, free mar­ket think­ing, and pol­lut­ing cars and trucks con­found res­i­dents. Local gov­ern­ment does not seem to know what do about it. Move to Cal­i­for­nia? See link to local SLC cov­er­age and video on just how bad it is.

6) Hard Cash is King: Still Pop­u­lar Pay­ment Method in Auto Mar­ket

Cash is still used pop­u­lar­ly in all auto­mo­tive relat­ed trans­ac­tions. Peo­ple love to see, touch, and know that cash is con­clu­sive, par­tic­u­lar­ly if you have a receipt.

39% of auto pur­chas­es are for cash per the lat­est issue of the well edit­ed BHPH Report. You can see the whole print ver­sion of the mag­a­zine at this link, Les­son seems to be for lenders to pro­vide a num­ber of pay­ment options to cus­tomers.

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