Get & Be Smarter: Start Listening to Most Popular Marketplace Radio Show on NPR Every Day In Car/Headset

Article Summary


Mar­ket­place is for busi­ness lis­ten­ers not Pub­lic Radio devo­tees

Near­ly 15M lis­ten­ers on 750 NPR sta­tions dai­ly from LA

Com­muters in traf­fic use voice acti­vat­ed Inter­net con­nec­tion.

SIGNIFICANCE–Why You should lis­ten:

Expand­ing to be source for eco­nom­ic infor­ma­tion for con­sumers.

Now launch­ing new show “Make Me Smart With Kai and Mol­ly”.

Expand­ing staff to pro­duce new pro­gram, more pod­casts & rev­enue

Annu­al rev­enue now is about $18 M from spon­sors & car­riage fees.

Find out why 15M Peo­ple are on NPR lis­ten­ing to Kai Ryssdal’s Mar­ket­place every day.




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