Robotics Breakthrough: How You & Your Company Can Easily Build Your Own Commercial Robots

Article Summary

The Sit­u­a­tion that made this devel­op­ment pos­si­ble:

• Carnegie Mel­lon Uni­ver­si­ty is push­ing tech­nol­o­gy to a new lev­el

• CMU is there- From Robot­ics to Autonomous vehi­cles to Machine Learn­ing

• Twice Annu­al­ly, a LaunchC­MU event fea­tured break­through devel­op­ment

What is the Sig­nif­i­cance of this Video?

• First indi­ca­tion that com­pa­nies can eas­i­ly build their own robots

• Howie Choset tells how HEBI Robot­ics makes this pos­si­ble

• This sug­gests that Robot­ics Mak­ing is becom­ing like 3D Print­ing



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