How Predictive Analytics Can Help Your Automotive Business See the Future

Article Summary

The Cur­rent Sit­u­a­tion for Pre­dic­tive Ana­lyt­ics:

1. Pre­dic­tive Ana­lyt­ics is migrat­ing to BlockChain

2.Becoming a mar­ket­ing tool for auto­mo­tive mar­ket

3.Need for deal­er man­age­ment to grasp & use PA

Why this arti­cle & link is Sig­nif­i­cant:

1. Get a quick brief­ing on Ben­e­fits, Apps & Trends for Pre­dic­tive Ana­lyt­ics

2.Critical that auto mgt uses more PA & Blockchain in 2018

3.Entrepreneur Mag arti­cle is heads up on Pre­dic­tive Ana­lyt­ics

How Pre­dic­tive Ana­lyt­ics Can Help Your Busi­ness See the Future



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