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Know that a “Rethink­ing of Our Fos­sil Fuel-Depen­dent Car Cul­ture” is a pri­or­i­ty for us all

Car cul­ture is a way of life in Los Ange­les. More specif­i­cal­ly, gas-pow­ered vehi­cle cul­ture.

There are near­ly 8 Mil­lion cars & trucks in LA and on the Free­ways

1 Mil­lion are vehi­cles being added every year to the traf­fic sit­u­a­tion

These vehi­cles con­tribute to 40% of Green­House Gas­es.

More than just trans­porta­tion for humans to get from point A to point B.

Cars have evolved into objects of cul­ture, pow­er, sta­tus, desire, image, & habit

Note: This PBS KCET doc­u­men­tary is a back­drop to the LA Chal­lenge ahead:

News You Need to Know

How Much of the Used Vehicle Market will Traditional Auto Auctions like Manheim be left with after Disruption?

Assessment & Analysis of the Current Used Vehicle Market by Michael Pochan, Lecturer, CEO, Software Engineer and professional educator with Carnegie Mellon credentials.


1) Auction Sales Volume Dropping as much as 40%:
2) Finding the Cars Customers Want online :
3) Auction Channel is Now migrating Online:
4) Mercedes Benz Credit selling off-lease vehicles directly online

Be aware of trend & consider adopting online bidding & auctions.
Mecum Auctions & other auctions are taking on-phone bids also
Top 30% of UC dealers continue to find cars for customers online.

Franchise & Independent Dealers & UV buyers should take a minute & review the implications of the increase in online used vehicles sales. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Unsold Vehicles hit Ten Year high in May — Panic or Price or Prepare?

Dealers and Used Vehicle Marketers Becoming Alarmed by Rising Inventories

The high number of unsold vehicles across the industry retreated slightly, but
78-day supply was the highest number for summer selling season since reached 85 days in 2009.
Half of the total unsold cars and light trucks in May were either General Motors, Ford or FCA

See, Ingest, and act on the stats and content of the Automotive News industry alert. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Tell Me Again Why New Car Buying Can’t Be Online

Current Car Buying Process is in Peril

87% of Americans dislike something about car shopping at dealerships
61% feel they’re taken advantage of while there.
86 % of car shoppers conduct online research before visiting a dealership
Vehicle buyers are increasingly seek to accomplish entire purchase online.
Reality: Consumers have no choice but go to a Dealership.And they don’t like it.
Dealers need to do more to work with buyers who seek to buy on line
Traditional dealer business model could be in peril

See positioning & recommended action-ables from Mike Pochan, Founder of LeaseTek and respected automotive industry leader and analyst _________________________________________________________________________
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Jan ThompsonSenior vice president of marketingZoyte USA-HAAH Automotive Holdings, - 12/31/1969

Zotye, is the Chinese automaker with plans to launch retail operations in the United States in late 2020, has added one of the industry's most respected marketing veterans to its leadership team.

Jan Thompson has been named senior vice president of marketing for Zotye USA and its parent company, HAAH Automotive Holdings, which is headquartered in Lake Forest, Calif.

Thompson, named one of Automotive News' 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry in 2005 and 2010, has led marketing activities at Mazda, Toyota and Nissan in North America. She also has been executive vice president of Omnicon Group and vice president of Advanstar Communications Inc.

She most recently was Ipsos' senior vice president, North America lead, and she will remain on the board of directors at Auto Web, an automotive media and marketing services company in Irvine, Calif.
Her appointment is effective March 1, HAAH said in a statement.
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