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High Quality Traffic

Reach and engage with millions of car buyers from Autobytel's network of automotive websites – traffic that is traditionally difficult to reach through your own marketing efforts.

Highly Relevant Offers

Our proprietary technology presents consumers with highly relevant offers based on the make and model of interest, and their ZIP Code.

Maximum Conversion

We drive this in-market traffic to key areas of your website for maximum conversion – for sales, service, and more!

Flexible Budgets, Great Results

More effective branding and conquesting than car dealership ads with Search Engines, and flexible budgets. You only pay for the clicks you get!

In-market, Low Funnel
Automotive Shoppers

Today's consumers spend an average of 17 hours online visiting dozens of websites to research their next vehicle purchase, making it nearly impossible for dealers to break through the digital clutter to reach high intent consumers while they are shopping. The bottom line is that dealers are missing millions of consumer engagement opportunities every month.

By and large, however, search engines simply can't provide car dealer advertisers with the specific traffic they need to be truly successful. AutoWeb Traffic can. This is the first search engine of its kind to offer dealers the opportunity to increase dealer website traffic and drive in-market, low funnel automotive shoppers directly into their dealership websites, which are built to convert shoppers into buyers.

targeted clicks
millions of car buyers

Millions Of Car Buyers

AutoWeb Traffic reaches and engages with millions of car buyers from Autobytel's network of automotive websites with huge numbers of visitors each month.

These car buyers are presented with targeted offers after they have indicated their exact make and model of interest, and their location. Using proprietary technology, AutoWeb Traffic presents shoppers with the right offers at precisely the right moments for maximum conversion and sends them directly to the dealership website via real-time targeting thus increasing traffic to the dealership website.

targeted clicks

Targeted Clicks

Advertisers only pay for clicks they receive and can target brand and conquest more effectively and efficiently than other forms of car dealership advertising. This traffic consists of a very high rate of new and "sticky" users, and below average bounce rates. AutoWeb Traffic also boasts excellent time-on-site rates and higher than average page views, helping dealers sell more cars.

Key Features

High quality automotive traffic

High quality automotive traffic that is traditionally difficult to reach.

Targeted offers

Targeted offers based on make, model, geographic location.

Flexible budgets

Flexible budgets that maximize spend to conversion.

Traffic for Sales

Traffic for Sales (New/Used/Conquest), Service, and More.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy that beats the competition.

What Dealers Are Saying

Across our digital automotive accounts, AutoWeb Traffic converts two times higher than our second highest performing source. With this technology, pre-qualified visitors are spending longer periods of time on-site compared to average on-site times and viewing 20% more pages than average. Higher conversions, longer site times, and increased page views help our automotive clients obtain more. This solution is laser focused, allowing us to more efficiently and effectively target potential customers. We can directly attribute increased performance results from the addition of this technology.

Kathryn Lemoine
VP, Digital Strategy and Operations for the Moran Group
The Moran Group | Baton Rouge, LA