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The Secrets Behind Tesla’s Great Customer Experience

Don’t Sit in the Dark Doodling: Take Notes at Next Industry Conference with Pen and Paper for Report Back to Your Boss and Those You Left Behind.

Sit in the Dark Doodling: Take Notes at Next Industry Conference with Pen and Paper for Report Back to Your Boss and Those You Left Behind


Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing
This Book will help you sell more cars

Broken Clock Marketing Strategy
Four Things You Can Do When Your Budget is Being Devoured Over Time

Something Continues to Smell about the So Called VW Scandal

Almost every week, there are indications in the Press that something stinks.

Ever Wondered How Many Harvard MBAs are in the Car Business?—You Gotta Care.
See What New Book Says plus Editor’s Assessment

Leads Aren’t Dead. Think Engagements Instead & Get them to Your Website.

Dealer Model in Peril: Dealer Disconnect Surfaces in Auto Ads

See What AdAge Publisher & Disruptor Say

Smoke and exhaustIs the Other Shoe About to Drop in the VW Diesel Emission Scandal?

Other OEMs Involved? Really Industrywide Denial & EPA Flawed Measurement?

Blog Image on Refineries - a-1476213972-snap-photo Outages Rant: Refinery Outages Seem to Manipulate Gas Prices in California

Diamandis Tech Blog- 160815-Homepage-Carousel-3x1Startling Predictions from Peter Diamandis: Massive decline in auto sales forthcoming.

VW Scandal or not - AR-150929807 Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop–Is Only VW Really to Blame for the Diesel Fiasco or is the real Scandal about NTSHA, Other Car Manufacturers, Suppliers, Congress, Government Bureaucrats, the Industry Press, & the Way OEMs Sell Cars?

Pay to Say - ed_imageSNN0733Z_54_355876aYou Take the Front Cover. We’ll Take the Back.—
Getting Behind Dealers, Not in Front

Mexican Plants -635698318093916797-DFP-auto-NAFTA-Mexico-plants-MAP-PRESTOAnother Car Crash for U.S. Jobs & Manufacturing—Is Ford Running Off the Road by Abandoning U.S. Manufacturing?

Kevin Root Blog Self Driving car Entering the Age of New Mobility, Self-Driving & Autonomous Cars — A Wakeup Call to the Auto Industry?

Frustrated couple sitting in car showroom Auto Dealer Business Model in for Disruptive Change

May be a Revolution, Collapse, or Reinvention soon

Auto Industry Trends 2015 Top 25 Trending Developments in the Automotive Industry 2015

Trends that reflect a changing automotive market now & soon


Toyota-PR-Chief-Arrested. PillsToyota Abandoning Julie Hamp: Missed PR Op, Japan Male Myopia, Power Sharing, or Just Another Diversity Disaster?

CRIF testim1.JPG - Auto Lending Consulting  CRIF

Three Key Considerations Auto Lenders Need to Heed in Selecting Consultants Who Know the Dealer Market

What separates one auto lending consultant from another.


Data Anonymitization is a Load of Horse ‘Manure’

Car Shopper Data does not seem to have privacy or anonymity. Reckoning is coming.

More Hot News

The Ten Secrets Behind the Great Tesla Experience Revealed by Consultant Buyer

The Appraisal Lane Rolls into Texas to Meet Increased Dealer Demand; National Expansion Planned

Why Your Dealership Should Be Texting in 2018: Find Out NOW & Get to March Webinar

NADA Must Attend Workshop on Vehicle Appraisals: Counting Cars: How to Stop Gambling on What Cars are Worth

Dealer Management Alert: Here’s a Guide for “How Appraisals in Your Service Department Can Help Sell More Vehicles”

Artificial Intelligence Begins to Infiltrate the Enterprise (That is,Your Dealership or Auto Industry Company

How Hacking Tesla Reveals 3 Lessons to Learn

How Predictive Analytics Can Help Your Automotive Business See the Future

The Big EV Solution is Here! 5-minute extreme fast charge battery technology for electric vehicles

The Debate Stops Here: How the 80–20 Rule for Dealer Marketing Budgets with Three Action-able Fundamentals Can Capture Your Customers Online Today

How Audience Intelligence Brings Mind Blowing Marketing to Every Dealer’s Home Page

CarWink: The world’s first car device allowing you to communicate with other drivers through animation.

Traveling Auto Executives to Experience VR Before & After Trips Using Artificial Intelligence

Here is some Commentary and Positioning Information from MediaPost to show how & what is coming.

How Many of 36 M Used Cars Sold by Dealers & Auctions in 2016 were Accurately Appraised?

How CarCash Stopped Bleeding Money & Got Marcus Lemonis Back into UC Business Successfully Using New Appraisal App & Process

Five S-M-A-R-T Signs of & Tips on How to Spot Flood Damaged Cars

Five Content Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018 — Get Ready for Wild Ride

Remarketing App Provides Dealers with Real Time Cash Offers by Giving Appraisers & Buyers Instant Access to Vehicle Valuation Information

How a Midwestern Dealer with Too Much Inventory Cleared Out the Glut by Using VIN-Specific Advertising to Sell More Cars & Hold ROI

46% of Small Businesses Including Dealers Do Not Track Inventory Using a Tracking Solution or Even Manually

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