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Books for Those Who Seek–“Three Revolutions: Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Future”


Powerful Book for Summer: Will Make You Realize You Just Got Better

The Secrets Behind Tesla’s Great Customer Experience

Don’t Sit in the Dark Doodling: Take Notes at Next Industry Conference with Pen and Paper for Report Back to Your Boss and Those You Left Behind.

Sit in the Dark Doodling: Take Notes at Next Industry Conference with Pen and Paper for Report Back to Your Boss and Those You Left Behind


Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing
This Book will help you sell more cars

Broken Clock Marketing Strategy
Four Things You Can Do When Your Budget is Being Devoured Over Time

Something Continues to Smell about the So Called VW Scandal

Almost every week, there are indications in the Press that something stinks.

Ever Wondered How Many Harvard MBAs are in the Car Business?—You Gotta Care.
See What New Book Says plus Editor’s Assessment

Leads Aren’t Dead. Think Engagements Instead & Get them to Your Website.

Dealer Model in Peril: Dealer Disconnect Surfaces in Auto Ads

See What AdAge Publisher & Disruptor Say

Smoke and exhaustIs the Other Shoe About to Drop in the VW Diesel Emission Scandal?

Other OEMs Involved? Really Industrywide Denial & EPA Flawed Measurement?

Blog Image on Refineries - a-1476213972-snap-photo Outages Rant: Refinery Outages Seem to Manipulate Gas Prices in California

Diamandis Tech Blog- 160815-Homepage-Carousel-3x1Startling Predictions from Peter Diamandis: Massive decline in auto sales forthcoming.

VW Scandal or not - AR-150929807 Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop–Is Only VW Really to Blame for the Diesel Fiasco or is the real Scandal about NTSHA, Other Car Manufacturers, Suppliers, Congress, Government Bureaucrats, the Industry Press, & the Way OEMs Sell Cars?

Pay to Say - ed_imageSNN0733Z_54_355876aYou Take the Front Cover. We’ll Take the Back.—
Getting Behind Dealers, Not in Front

Mexican Plants -635698318093916797-DFP-auto-NAFTA-Mexico-plants-MAP-PRESTOAnother Car Crash for U.S. Jobs & Manufacturing—Is Ford Running Off the Road by Abandoning U.S. Manufacturing?

Kevin Root Blog Self Driving car Entering the Age of New Mobility, Self-Driving & Autonomous Cars — A Wakeup Call to the Auto Industry?

Frustrated couple sitting in car showroom Auto Dealer Business Model in for Disruptive Change

May be a Revolution, Collapse, or Reinvention soon

More Hot News

U.S, Made Sedans Appear to be Dead & SUV’s Are a Growing Challenge for Industry, Traffic, and Environment

On the Road to Autonomy:Webinar and Virtual Workshop:

We All Know & Love Jody–This is a MUST: Jody DeVere Family Woolsey Fire Recovery Fund

Cargobikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries

Breakthrough AI Platform Enables Auto Consumers to Shop the Way They Think & To Find that New or Used Car Like Now

Last Mile Package Delivery — Cargo Bikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries

Will Tech Leave Detroit in the Dust?– At stake: Who will control the Future of Transportation?

California Roads & Bridges Rated C & D: State Has to Invest Tax Dollars to Fix The Problem Or Pay More for Vehicle Repairs

Getting Out from Under the “Under 20,30, and 40 Agers” Recognition Pattern by the Trade Press? —“It’s All of Us, Experts, Not Just You”.

Advanced Predictive Maintenance Solution for Connected Cars & Autonomous Vehicles Addresses 3 stages of Vehicle Maintenance & Provides SW that Fixes Flaws

Apps, Data Gathering, & Underwriting Competition Producing Vehicle Insurance Cost Reductions, Discounts, and Transportation Cost Management Trend.

Three Significant Breakthrough Developments Being Integrated into Driving Systems for Safety, Connectivity, & Response

Breakthrough: Four New Technologies to Solve, Change, & Disrupt Off-Lease Marketing as Increasing Volume of Lease Vehicles Reach Maturity & Move to the Auctions

Gender Count of the Leadership of 11 Auto Industry Associations Shows Imbalance & Lack of Parity

New Dealer B2C Advertising Program Reaches Prospects Before F&I Walk Up

Right-Now How To for Men in Automotive: Men Learn How to Be ‘Allies,’ Without Fear, to Female Colleagues

Auto Industry Crisis Or Not?–57M Vehicles on the Road With Open Recalls

The Real Management Issues Confronting Auto Industry Associations in Next 3 to 5

Women Control 80% of Consumer Spending But Only 11% Are Ad Creative Directors.

Taking a Stand: Courageous Enterprise Leads Car Rental Industry–Cuts Off NRA Discount Program