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Jake Massey

Chief Technology Officer
ELEAD1ONE today announced the appointment of Jake Massey to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ELEAD1ONE, a division of Data Software Services, L.L.C.

Jake will manage the critical technology and development systems supporting ELEAD1ONE’s automotive-only sales, marketing, digital and service efforts, as well as enterprise systems and applications for all corporate processes.

An accomplished IT professional, Jake specializes in high volume enterprise application development and planning, including systems that support millions of users. Throughout his career, Jake has managed several IT organizations across many continents and developed a multitude of commercial products for use in corporate intranets.

“Our internal IT systems and operations play a significant role in the success of our business, as well as how we deliver new technologies and enhancements to our clients,” stated Bill Wittenmyer, partner of ELEAD1ONE, a division of Data Software Services, L.L.C.

“Jake and his team have already achieved several successful upgrades to our software and technology. We will continue to leverage Jake’s extensive expertise in managing first-class IT departments, deep insight on operational excellence and dedication to drive our solutions and deployment throughout our company and provide valuable input and feedback to our product portfolio. In turn, this will ultimately improve our client satisfaction in a competitive market.”

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